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Just like physical health, mental health is necessary. We know it would become boring to just do mental exercises and not enjoy them. So, here’s the thing, there are many brain games for android which help you to train your brain. Inactive brain cells become healthy, active ones as a result of brain training. Brain fitness takes focused work via replication, much as physical fitness.

Your mental abilities improve as you utilize your brain more frequently; brain training exercises are a great approach to maintaining general brain health. So, to improve your mental health, we have brought some of the best brain games for Android. Download now and start using your brain to solve some interesting riddles and puzzles.

The best brain games for Android are

Brain test: tricky puzzle- top brain games for android

The ideal option for you, if you enjoy word games, word searches, puzzles, sudoku puzzles, riddle games, and other quiz games, is a tough exam Brain Test. a whole deal funnier than standard exam games. Brain games and IQ games are for the growth of the brain. The finest games are playable offline.

System requirement

Download size108 MB
OSAndroid 5.0 or higher required
GenrePuzzle, brain teaser, casual

About the game

A series of challenging brain puzzles make up the addicting free puzzle game Brain Test. Your thinking will be tested by various puzzles and challenging quizzes. This brand-new puzzle game could defy logic and give you a fresh mental challenge!

With the help of this humorous and addicting free brain games for android, you may have fun with your pals. Be creative, solve problems, and get ready to take the test! You’ll like this humorously challenging exam. This game is brand-new and played offline. Another one of the world’s top brain games for android.

Brain out: can you pass it?

Can you pass it? asks the brain. offers several trivia questions to sharpen your mind. The triple exam of EQ, IQ, and the dumbfounded challenge is the ideal synthesis of knowledge and creativity. This game will challenge your sense of humor and have fun!

System requirement

Download size103 MB
OSAndroid 4.4 or higher required
GenrePuzzle, brain teaser

About the game

An addicting free challenging puzzle game called “Brain Out” will test your mental prowess with a variety of hard brainteasers and riddles. It tests your capacity for logical thought as well as your reflexes, accuracy, memory, and originality. If you don’t want to be fooled, don’t respond to the quests in a typical manner.

The most intriguing aspect of this quiz game is how the solution defies conventional wisdom. This game offers you a novel gaming experience complete with ludicrous solutions. Show your buddies that you’re not entirely ignorant by blowing your mind with Brain Out!

Smart puzzles collection

Those who enjoy logic puzzles, brain training, or brain games will enjoy the Smart Puzzle game. The greatest way to maintain your brain in top form is to exercise it. This game employs brain training technologies; play through straightforward yet challenging stages to steadily raise your IQ. Throughout the game, the results of your IQ test will be shown.

System requirement

Download size20 MB
OSAndroid 4.4 or higher required
GenrePuzzle, block

About the game

Smart Puzzles is a puzzle collection with a unique design that combines several different games into one. A compact game was created by developers by combining several intriguing puzzle games. Playing this game without an Internet connection is straightforward and uncomplicated. Play your preferred game offline.

Many of the most well-liked riddles were compiled in this game. There are almost 5000 distinct levels with various building pieces, shapes, and forms. This game falls under the category of memory-light games. a group of video games consists of:

Puzzles using blocks, hexagons, pipes, symmetry, one-line paths, puzzles with matches, and crystals.

Unblock red wood puzzle 2023

Unblocking Red Wood Puzzle 2023 might assist you with daily brain exercise and mental fitness. Play alone or compete with friends to see who can make the best moves. With Unblock Me, you may enhance your cognitive and problem-solving abilities.

System requirement

Download size43 MB
OSAndroid 7.0 or higher required
GenrePuzzle, sliding

About the game

With the greatest logical puzzles created for everyone, Unblock Red Wood Puzzle 2023 offers a lot of reasoning that will have you feeling on top of your game. Every level presents a different challenge, ranging from simple block puzzles to more complex ones. One of the finest IQ puzzles you’ll ever play, with fascinating variants and original levels to unblock your ideas. Not only to pass the time but also to improve your logic.

Every problem consists of a board with a red block wedged between two other wooden blocks; the goal is to use logic and critical thinking to solve the slide puzzle and the block puzzle. There are puzzles to complete at various levels of difficulty.

Maths| Riddles and puzzles- Brain games sfor android

Play challenging math puzzle games and brainteasers to test your skills. With a variety of logical problems, Maths Riddles raises your IQ level. Try out math games at various difficulty levels to push your mental limitations. IQ tests are used as a model while creating brain games.

System requirement

Download size17 MB
OSAndroid 4.4 or higher required
GenrePuzzle, logic

About the game

Through mental exercises concealed in geometrical designs, math riddles help you demonstrate your mathematical aptitude. By examining the link between the numbers in the geometric forms, you will exercise both sides of your brain and push the boundaries of your acute thinking.

Mathematical procedures that are taught in school, both simple and sophisticated, may be used to answer any query. Only interesting multiplication, division, and addition/subtraction operations. For sophisticated and cognitive answers, addition and subtraction generally suffice. Children that are clever and intellectually curious will be drawn to cognitive puzzles.

Pictoword: fun brain word game

Reading a series of images that combine to form a word or phrase is the aim of the creative, straightforward, yet addictive word game known as Pictoword.

This will be so much fun to guess. Adult boys and girls will both find that solving challenging and entertaining word puzzles can brighten their day. Play word games with your friends in single- or multiplayer mode.

System requirement

Download size79 MB
OSAndroid 4.4 or higher required
GenreWord, casual

About the game

Nothing beats these games for entertainment and addiction. Take on the word challenge from Pictoword, the entertaining trivia word game for your phone, which is incredibly addictive. Create words; for instance, pictures of SAND and WITCH will be displayed. Combine the two to find the lunchtime favorite SANDWICH.

A variety of word puzzles and engaging, addictive photo-guessing game categories. Guessing game: Choose a word from pictures of celebrities, fictional characters, movies, and brands. Words from pictures of historical people, locations, and nations can be decoded. Unscramble more than 300-word puzzles in the free classic bundle to play classic word games for free.

This game constantly updated word searches, new addictive categories like gaming and food, and more. Any way you prefer to play, word games with solo mode multi-picture mental puzzles, challenge yourself. The duration of word puzzle games is unrestricted. Improve your brain’s ability to solve problems with new, versatile, and enjoyable brain training puzzles.


Now sharpen your brains with these addictive and free puzzle and riddle games. Download free brain games on Android and check your IQ and challenge your friends to solve these brain games.

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FAQs related to brain games for android

Q1. What are the best brain games for android?

Ans. Brain test: tricky puzzle, Brain out: can you pass it?, Smart puzzles collection, Unblock red wood puzzle 2023, Maths| Riddles and puzzles, and Pictoword: fun brain word game are some of the best brain games for android.

Q2. Can I play these games on android 7?

Ans. Yes, and you can also check the system requirements of the games to know more about the requirements.

Q3. Can you play these brain games without the internet?

Ans. Yes, there are lot of free Offline android Games that can be played without internet.

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