Best Racing Games for Android 2022

Racing games are one of the most played Android game genres. Whether it’s adults or kids, everyone like to play. There was a time when limited games were available for any platform. But now, lots of the Best Racing Games for Android are available on Play Store and other platforms.

Racing games have top vehicle brands. Users get opportunity to choose their favourite brand vehicles to race. All vehicles are equipped with exciting gaming features with exciting graphics.

Racing games are very addictive. Anyone can play these for countless hours. Now the question is, why racing games are so popular?

Why Racing Games are so Popular?

Racing games allow you to do something you have never done. Yes, you can’t drive on the road if you are below 18. But racing games can make you race master. It gives you a chance to drive branded cars at full speed.

You can overtake at full speed and no policeman will stop you for this Driving branded cars on roads has been a fantasy for everyone. Racing games give you the opportunity to live your dreams.

Racing games have a market reach of 30.83%. Now you can imagine how popular this game is. Mostly two types of Racing Games are liked widely. Car Racing & Bike Racing. You have to be attentive in both. It’s not like, Bike race demands more balance and car race less.

The more you play, the more you’ll be familiar with these. Balance & safe drive at high speed demands your full concentration. A little distraction may cause you to lose the game. Racing games are equally liked by both males & females.

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Though lots of racing games for Android are available on PlayStore. Putting all games in one place is a little bit tough. So we are trying to list down some of the best racing games for Android here.

List of Top 10 Offline Best Racing Games for Android 2020:

  1. Real Car Race Game 3D: Fun New Car Games 2020
  2. Asphalt Nitro
  3. Street Racing 3D
  4. MR RACER: Car Racing Game 2020
  5. Real Bike Racing
  6. Racing Games Revival: Car Games 2020
  7. Highway Car Racing Game
  8. Bike Racing 3D
  9. Racing Fever: Moto
  10. Beach Buggy Racing 2

1. Real Car Race Game 3D: Fun New Car Games 2020

  • Developers: GAMEXIS
  • Size: 32 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4 Star (26,261 reviews)
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹63.58 – ₹9,000.00 per item)

It is a stunning car racing game that can be played offline. You do not need active internet to play this wonderful game. High sound quality, stunning graphics, and a realistic environment will make you crazy.

Though this game is absolutely free but can give you amazing features if you are ready to spend money. This android racing game is very addictive.

The most interesting part of this game is, it gives you a 3D feel. Yes, it is a 3D car racing game. Which gives you a feel of real driving.

2. Asphalt Nitro (Most Popular Android Racing Game)

  • Developers: Gameloft
  • Size: 45 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4.4 Star (1,452,191 reviews)
  • Downloads: 50,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹79.00 – ₹7,900.00 per item)

You need only 45 MB of space for this best racing game for android mobile. This game is absolutely free for android. You will gonna definitely love this offline racing game.

Get ready to enjoy the fun of luxury licensed cars. Lamborghini Veneno and Ferrari LaFerrari like brands are available to race here. It’s up to you how you handle and control them.

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Why wait, Just click the car racing free games download for the Android button below to install this game.

3. Street Racing 3D

  • Developers:  Ivy
  • Size: 83 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Star (1,027,046 reviews)
  • Downloads: 100,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹28.00 – ₹2,828.00 per item)

A game that gives you the feeling of running a car on the streets of London is “Street Racing 3D”. Racing is a passion. You would enjoy this game if you like a turbo engine, colorful paints, and cool stickers.

Attractions of Street Racing 3D:

  • Can challenge and play with friends in online mode
  • Asphalt racing tracks
  • Get to handle 30+ Hitech cars
  • You can control the speed of cars
  • Score leader board
  • You can assemble your car, with a perfect look: wheel, paints, decals, etc
  • Can collect diamonds and coins as many as possible
  • Race in different modes
  • Hi-tech driving technology

So, download and enjoy this Amazing car racing 3D game.

4. MR RACER: Car Racing Android Game 2020

  • Developers: ChennaiGames
  • Size: 37 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Star (1,884 reviews)
  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹10.00 – ₹300.00 per item)

So Mr. Racer, are you ready to win a race? This is one of the most popular car racing games of 2020. It gives you 100 challenge modes. It’s upto you how many you complete. Every next level is one step better than the previous one.

You get 12 super hi-tech cars to race with. The best thing is that you can custom your cars with your favorite paints and wheels.

And the other amazing thing is, you can customize your nameplate too. Yes, you can put your name on the car’s Name Board as your signature. Mr Racer gives you the feeling of 3D graphics and realistic lightings.

Various Game Modes of This Game are:

  • Challenge Mode
  • Chase Mode
  • Endless
  • Free Ride
  • Time Trial

We suggest you to install and enjoy this game without waiting.

5.Real Bike Racing: Bike Racing Game for Android

  • Developers: Italic Games
  • Size: 21 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4.1 Star (567,567 reviews)
  • Downloads: 100,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹129.00 – ₹6,479.00 per item)

We are always fascinated by bikes. And even it increases if there is some sports bike. Riding a bike is cool. So, here we are discussing about the coolest and best racing game for android mobile i.e Real Bike Racing. As it’s game says, it gives you the best feeling of a bike race.

Attracting Features of This Racing Game are:

  • More than 10 unique superbikes experience
  • Dynamic lighting effects with pragmatic 3D graphics
  • Virtual Reality mode that supports Google Cardboard
  • Fully performing rear view mirrors

So just begin the process of bike racing game download for android by clicking the link below.

6.Racing Games Revival: Car Games 2020

  • Developers: Abstron Pvt Ltd
  • Size: 46 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4 Star (34,480 reviews)
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹95.00 – ₹920.00 per item)

So driving or racing cars on asphalt tracks has become old fashion. Now the time is to drift your cars through mountains and hills. Yes, you read it right. This one of the best racing games for android 2020 will give you an amazing experience of driving through desert mountains.

But we will suggest you to not stuck with muddy tires around the desert mountains. Though get the fun of car parking cars on hills.

So we have experience of running 3D cars on streets. Chasing friends on Smooth roads. But we have never experienced running a car through the mountains.

What Makes Racing Games Revival So Unique and Exciting?

It’s off-road driving experience differentiate it from other racing games. We have been driving super cars through smooth roads and streets.

But this game let us drive through hills. Chase 3 of our friends and race with them. Rear wheels of the cars are heavily designed. Above all, you get SUV and other similar models to drive through desert and mountains.

Install this Super Exciting Game Now

7. Highway Car Racing Game

  • Developers: GAMEADU
  • Size: Varies with device
  • PlayStore Rating: 3.9 Star (9,117 reviews)
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹10.00 – ₹50.00 per item)

So, we have driven through desert mountains, asphalt roads, and streets. Now, get a chance of driving through highway, bridges, beaches, and backwaters.

Highway car racing gives you the experience of driving through all these areas.

While driving, you may get running trains on your way. You can jump and cross the running train. But you need to be careful because this stunt can let you down also. And you can lose the game. So, just be brave and skillful to win this game.

8. Bike Racing 3D

  • Developers: Words Mobile
  • Size: 16MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Star (1,048,682 reviews)
  • Downloads: 100,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹121.86 – ₹6,115.00 per item)

So now get the experience of 3D bike racing. Bike racing 3D is a very light game to install and play. It is one of the best Xtreme BMX games with frantic and stunt action.

Though it is easy to initiate but hard to master. It keeps you engaged for hours.

In this game, you dress up like a professional biker. You start with a very easy trial. But 60 tracks in its career mode take you to technical mode.

You feel good graphics as well as genuine 3D physics in this game. So, just gear up yourself to race, jump, win, and prove yourself as an aggressive biker.

9. Racing Fever: Moto

  • Developers: Gameguru, iRacing Games
  • Size: 110 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Star (443,008 reviews)
  • Downloads: 50,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹75.00 – ₹9,100.00 per item)

Whenever we talk about bike racing games and do not discuss Racing Fever: Moto, how it can be possible? It is one of the most popular racing games for android. Full of breathtaking graphics and stunts.

You can play with 4 brutal gang leaders in 4 different regions. Get to cross tens of different racing types in various seasons in a wonderful atmosphere. Just defeat all the leaders and prove yourself as the best racer.

You will get no speed bar in this game. Just you and your bike. Nothing else you have you care about. Run your bike at the speed you can. The best part of this bike race game is that you can increase your control on the race using various camera angles.

No matter if you can’t speak English or Spanish. This game supports you in 23 languages. Also, winning chances increase in this game as you can control your bike by tilting or just the screen of your phone.

This game lets you set your own game rules like weather conditions, traffic flow, time of day, speed, and even the number of police.

So, just install this best racing game on your phone and start your adventure.

10. Beach Buggy Racing 2

  • Developers: Vector Unit
  • Size: 95 MB
  • PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Star (220,962 reviews)
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Price: Free (In-game Purchases ₹19.00 – ₹1,999.00 per item)

This is one of the most popular 3D racing games for Android. Not only cars or bikes, in this game you will assemble a garage full of cars. You have to make your way to win the race.

Cross through Egyptian pyramids, pirate ship wrecks, alient bio-labs and dragon-prevaded castles. Upgrade your armoury of fun and eccentric powerups.

So why wait, join the beach buggy league and compete against the racers and cars around the world.

Can we play Racing Games without WiFi?

Yes. Lots of Offline Racing Games are available for Android, iOS & PC

What are the Best Free Offline Racing Games for Android?

Asphalt Nitro
Street Racing 3D
Beach Buggy Racing 2
Real Bike Racing
Bike Racing 3D
Highway Car Racing Game
Racing Fever: Moto

What are the Best 5 Free Offline Bike Racing Games for Android?

Real Bike Racing
Bike Racing 3D
Bike Racing – Offline Games
Moto Race-Offline Racing Games
Traffic Rider

What are the Best 5 Free Offline Car Racing Games?

Speed Car Racing Games Offline
Race Master 3D – Car Racing
Stock Car Racing
Ultimate Car Driving Simulator
Race Max Pro – Car Racing


Games are the best way to entertain you. They never let you get bored. If racing games make you quick-witted, on the other hand, Puzzles Games are good for the brain. But I won’t suggest you to play without any break. Continuous playing may cause headaches, eye pain, and weak sight in long term. So, you should avoid too much of it.

Though during the period of lockdown, games are the best way for timepass. We have researched and created a collection of ample of games on our website.

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