Top 10 Offline Games for Android

At present, approx 2.5 billion monthly users are active on Android. For all of them, we have catered top Offline games of all genres for Android.

As per a report published in 2021, over 3.24 billion people in the world love to play video games. Some of the games are online and some are Offline. Even in this tech era, there are several places where internet connectivity is very poor. So for all of them, offline games are just like a boon.

Android Games Genres:

  • Casual
  • Puzzle
  • Arcade
  • Action
  • Racing
  • Strategy
  • Card
  • Board
  • Adventure
  • Action & Adventure
  • Word
  • Simulation
  • Casino
  • Battle Royale
  • Sports
  • Roleplay
  • Fighting
Offline android games
Market reach of the most popular Android games genres worldwide in 2020

Popular Games Genres and their number of Downloads:

GamesGenrePlay Store DownloadsRatings
Subway SurfersCasual100 Cr+4.4 Star
Candy Crush SagaPuzzle100 Cr+4.4 Star
Offline BubblesArcade50L+3.8 Star
Critical OpsAction5 Cr+4.2 Star
Racing FeverRacing5 Cr+4.2 Star
Age of History IIStrategy1 L+3.2 Star
Call BreakCard1 M+4 Star
Sky Dancer RunAdventure1 Cr+4.3 Star
FIFA SoccerSports100 M+4. Star
The Bird’s TaleRoleplay500K+4.6 Star
Real Boxing 2Fighting10 M+4.2 Star

1. Casual Offline Android Games

Casual games are the most popular mobile gaming app genre among Android gamers. It has a mobile penetration rate of 58.86 percent worldwide. Top game genre worldwide.

Subway Surfers is the best Offline Android game in Casual genre. It is an endless runner mobile game. Denmark based private companies Kiloo and SYBO Games co-developed this free offline android game.

Subway surfers uses the Unity game engine. Initially, it was released on 24 May 2012. It is a single-player mode game. It’s latest version 1.116.1 was published on 16th March 2020.

Google Play Rating: 4.4 Star

2. Offline Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzle games are the second most popular Android mobile gaming app genre. It has a mobile penetration rate of 56.50 percent. That means almost 56 users in every 100 users have Puzzle games on their mobile phones.

Candy Crush is the most popular puzzle game. you can play this game without wifi also. Though in offline mode you won’t receive updates. But those updates can be received one time. and those are not very useful for playing.

Initially, this offline game was released for Facebook on April 12, 2012. King Digital Entertainment is the development and publishing company of this game.

Google Play Rating: 4.4 Star

It’s latest version is released in 13 Nov 2022. You need 90 MB of space on your phone to install this game.

3. Arcade Games

As per a report published in 2019, Arcade games ranked three in most played Android games. With a penetration rate of 55.08%.

As name defines, Offline Bubbles is one of the offline games for Android. It is the best game to play when you want to pass the time or relax. It is a super fun offline game that kept you busy for hours without losing phone data.

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Offline Bubble is a single-player arcade game. Till date, it has almost 5,000,000+ downloads. It’s current version 4.9 was released on 17 March 2020. You need 26 MB of space in your phone to install this no wifi game.

Google Play Rating: 3.8 Star

Best No WiFi Games for Android

4. Action Offline Games for Android

Action games rank on four with the penetration rate 34.19%. There are a lot of offline action games for Android. Critical Ops is one of them. It is a multiplayer first person shooter video game, developed & published by Critical Force Ltd.

Initially, it was released on September 2015. It has 50,000,000+ installations till date.

Google Play Rating: 4.2 Star

It’s current version 1.14.0 was updated on 8 March 2020. It takes 77 MB of space in your phone. Though it can be played offline also. But you can do in-app purchase. The product price ranges from ₹75.00 – ₹3,730.00 per item.

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5. Racing Games

Racing games stand rank fifth with 30.83% penetration rates on Android Mobile phones. How can we forget “Racing Fever” when talking about racing games. It is one of the most popular Offline racing games for Android.

Google Play Rating: 4.2 Star

This multiplayer racing game was published by Gameguru. It is an endless runner game. You will get a lot of traffic on your way. But you have to avoid and save yourself. Sooner or later in this game, you will end up crashing one of them.

The total no of downloads of this Offline racing game is 50,000,000+. You need 63 MB of space in your phone to install this game. It’s current version 1.7.0 was released on 29 July 2019. Though you can play this game without wifi. But you need wifi or active internet for updates. This game is absolutely free.

6. Strategy Offline Games for Android

A strategy game is a game in which your decision-making skills pay off. These skills have a high significance in determining the outcome.

A strategy game or strategic game is a game in which the players’ uncoerced, and often autonomous decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome. Almost all strategy games require internal decision tree style thinking, and typically very high situational awareness. 

Age of Civilizations II is a grand strategy game. This Offline game for Android is simple to play but hard to master. Łukasz Jakowski is the publisher of this Offline game. 21 November 2018 is the initial release date of it.

Google Play Rating: 3.9 Star

The total no of downloads of this game till date is 100,000+. Current version  v1.01584_ELA is released on 6 November 2020. 88 MB space is needed in your phone to install this offline game.

7. Offline Android Card Games

This is another interesting genre that has 15.35% penetration rate in the world of Android. This genre is liked by every age group.

Call break is one of the Offline Card games for Android. You will get multiple ads in this online mode. So better to play in Offline mode. No active internet connection required to play this multiplayer game.

It is a free Offline game for Android. Till date it has 1,000,000+ installations.

Google Play Rating: 4.2 star

This game takes 12 MB space for installation. Its current version 3.3 was released on January 23, 2020.

8. Offline Android Adventure Games

Adventure games are such games which take you on the adventure. They are among the most unique of any games.

Sky dancer run is one of the Offline adventure games published by TOPEBOX. In this game, you have to run and jump from one flying island to another. Crossing hazardous cliffs and avoiding large boulders. You feel like a bird while running through the sky.

Google Play Rating: 4.3 star

Total no of installations of this game is 10,000,000+. Its size varies with device. Current version 4.0.17 was released on 7 November 2019. Though this Offline game for android is absolutely free. But you need to spend ₹21.00 – ₹636.00 per in-app products purchase.

9. Offline Android Roleplay Games

Role-playing games are such in which players take roles of imaginary characters. Who engage in adventures, fight, typically in a particular fantasy.

The Bard’s Tale is an action role-playing Offline Android game. It was developed and published by inXile Entertainment in 2004. Vivendi Universal Games distributed this game in North America and Ubisoft in Europe.

Google Play Rating: 4.6 star

It is action role-playing offline game. This game has got 500,000+ installations till date. Current version 1.6.8 was released on April 18, 2015. Your phone needs 29 MB space to install this no wifi game.

10.Sports Offline Android Games

Whenever we talk about sports, it creates a sort of excitement. Sports keep you fit and healthy. But here we are talking about sports which you can play on your mobiles.

FIFA Soccer is one of such Offline games for Android. EA Vancouver and EA Mobile jointly developed this free no wifi game in 2016.

Google Play Rating: 4.3 star

It is both single-player and multi-player game. Till date, it has more than 100,000,000 installations. Current version 13.1.04 is available on play store which was released on March 12, 2020. Though this game is absolutely free, you can do in-app purchase also for better features.

11. Fighting Offline Games for Android (Bonus)

Fighting games are a sort of action game in which two (or sometimes more) characters fight each other.

Real boxing 2 is a type of android game in which two boxers fight with each other. You just have to enter the ring and fight for your glory. You will face dangerous and strong opponents in the ring and score a knockout. This is one of the best fun fighting games.

Google Play Rating: 4.2 star

 Vivid Games SA published this ultimate game. It’s size varies with the device. Current version 1.23.0 was released on August 14, 2022. This app gets 5,000,000+ installations till date.

Games are being loved by every age group. But yes the nature and genre of games depend on the age of the person. Mostly Kids and children love to play bubble, strategic, puzzle, casual, and racing games while youngsters love fighting, action, adventure, role-play and sports game. On the other hand adults and senior citizen enjoy cards, casino or sometime bubble games also.

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What are the best Puzzle Games for Android of 2021?

Best Puzzle Games for Android are:
– Build a Bridge (10,000,000+ downloads)
– Plumber 2 – Fix the Pipes (1,000,000+ downloads)
– World’s Hardest Escape Game (1,000,000+ downloads)
– Candy Crush Saga 2 (1,000,000,000+)
– Find A Way: Addictive Puzzle (1,000,000+)
– Mekorama (10,000,000+)
– That Level Again 3 (10,000,000+)
– Tic Tac Toe Classic (10,000,000+)
– Roll the Ball (100,000,000+)
– Cut the Rope 2 (100,000,000+)

How many people worldwide play video games?

As per a report published in 2019, there are almost 2.4 billion video game lovers world wide.

How many video games are available on all platforms?

Approx 1181019 video games are available across the globe.

What is the biggest platform of video games?

As per data, App Store contains approx 811911 followed by 327491 games on the Google Play.

What are the 10 Trending Games Genres of 2021?

Below are the 10 Trending Games Genres of 2021:
– Casual (58.86%)
– Puzzle (56.50%)
– Arcade (55.08%)
– Action (34.19%)
– Racing (30.83%)
– Strategy (15.65%)
– Card (15.35%)
– Board (14.95%)
– Adventure (14.82%)
– Action & Adventure (13.62%)


We are not trying to generalize things but yes this is a general observation. Above all, everyone has a different choice and interest.

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