Unveiling the Best PS1 Games That Will Blow Your Mind!

Top PS1 games

Hello, fellow players! Are you ready to travel back in time to the heyday of gaming? As we explore the mesmerising world of the top PS1 games, grab your joystick and get ready for a trip down memory lane. Yes, you heard correctly! We’re about to embark on an incredible journey packed with pixelated delights, wistful music, and whoa-inducing characters. So, get ready to press start as we unveil the ultimate list of PlayStation 1 classics that will have you saying, “One more level, please!” Let’s get this game started!

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List of top 5 PS1 games

Gran Turismo

Final Fantasy VII

Tekken 3

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Metal gear solid

Let’s revisit these PS1 games with some more details

Gran Turismo- one of the best PS1 games

Gran Turismo is a racing simulation video game that models the appearance and capabilities of a broad range of vehicles, virtually all of which are authorised copies of genuine automobiles.

GenreSim racing
ModesSingle-player, multiplayer

About the game

Gran Turismo is a PS1 racing game. On numerous race circuits, the user controls an automobile to battle against artificially intelligent drivers. Arcade Mode and Simulation Mode are the two game modes.

The user has complete control over the courses and vehicles they want to employ in the arcade mode. Winning races make new vehicles and tracks available. However, in the simulation mode, in order to compete in events and gain credits, trophies, and prize automobiles by winning race championships, the player must obtain various levels of driver’s licences.

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Additionally, winning one particular championship makes a film and a few extra demonstration songs available. Additional cars, components, and tuning can all be purchased with credits. 140 vehicles and 11 racetracks may be found in Gran Turismo. The Japanese version used two 1992 Honda NSX vehicles.

Final fantasy VII

It is one of the best video games of all time, was widely acclaimed and enjoyed both commercial and critical success. It has the 2nd largest sales of PS1 games


About the game

Most Japanese role-playing games and early Final Fantasy games can be compared to Final Fantasy VII’s gameplay. The globe map, the field, and the battle screen are the three playable game modes.

On a 3D global map, players can explore the entire world of Final Fantasy VII at their most expansive level. Towns, environments, and ruinous locations are all depicted on the globe map for the player to enter.

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The player moves through fully scaled replicas of the regions seen on the global map in field mode.  This mode is depicted in three dimensions for the first time in the series. In this mode, the user can look around the surroundings, interact with characters, move the plot along, and start event games.

The fight screen will appear in the game. This screen uses an “Active Time Battle” (ATB) system in which the characters trade moves until one side is victorious, placing the player characters on one side and the enemy on the other.

Each character on the screen has a time gauge that the player can fill in order to give that character commands. As the game progresses and the characters and equipment in the player’s party change, so do the commands that are used at different times in the game.

Limit Breaks are a class of command in Final Fantasy VII that are strong, character-specific, and only usable once an opponent strike has charged a special gauge. Characters who have been attacked may suffer from one or more aberrant “statuses,” such as poison or paralysis.

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Tekken 3

The third instalment in the Tekken series is a fighting game called Tekken 3. Before being converted to the PlayStation in 1998, it was first published in arcades in 1997.

ModesSingle-player, multiplayer

About the game

Tekken 3 uses the same basic fighting system and concept as the original two games. Tekken 3 emphasises the third axis by allowing characters to sidestep into or out of the background, in contrast to past Tekken games where three-dimensional mobility was limited.

Fighters can now jump higher than in previous games, making them less intimidating and necessitating the usage of sidestep dodges more often as jumping no longer effectively blocks all ground attacks. New enhancements include quicker knockdown recoveries, more tackle and stun escapes, more actions with juggling enabled, and freshly developed combo throws.

The side-scrolling beat ’em up “Tekken Force” from Tekken 3 pits the player against opponents in a succession of stages. Following a minigame for Tekken 4, the Devil Within campaign mode in Tekken 5 expanded on the concept. In a different minigame called “Tekken Ball,” which is akin to beach volleyball, the player must strike the ball with a strong attack to pulverise the opponent, Alternatively, if they permit the ball to settle in their area, they will incur penalties.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

The game is a third-person action adventure, the same as the Windows version.

The gameplay and storyline events change from the PC version, as does the storey layout.

Harry Potter, the novel’s protagonist, is sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after discovering he is a wizard.

There, he meets people and receives magical training, and together with his companions, he prevents Lord Voldemort from regaining control of the world.

GenreAction- adventure

Seven areas make up the game, four of which can be freely replayed and explored to uncover collectibles.


collecting golden beans to trade for a Nimbus 2000 broom in the lower castle. includes climbing, jumping, and flying teaching levels, as well as a charms class where you can learn the Wingardium Leviosa spell. The grounds are opened up after the boss challenge wizard cracker duel with Draco Malfoy.

castle grounds

Getting blue beans from the castle grounds in return for a Famous Witch and Wizard card. includes Quidditch tryouts, where you learn how to catch the golden snitch, and Herbology class, where you learn the Incendio spell. The race aim is to catch Malfoy and get the memory back, and the boss task midway through is to beat an animated gargoyle.

castle Dungeons

collecting green beans for the purpose of purchasing Quidditch gear. both the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, where you learn the Verdimillious spell, and the Potions class, where you learn how to make the healing Wiggenweld potion. Twice, once during Potions class, which requires sneaking past trolls, and once more after the class, you are stuck in the dungeons. To unlock the door the second time, you must eliminate four evil curses positioned throughout the dungeon. ends when you may enter the castle again by unlocking this door.

upper castle

Red bean collection in return for the Flipendo Duo spell. Includes a level where you must use the invisibility cloak to get past Filch and Mrs. Norris, a race level to escape the troll harassing Hermione in the girls’ bathroom, and a boss level to kill it. You also study Avifors in the Transfiguration class.

Diagon Alley

You must complete a side mission to gather components for a potion that will heal Norbert, Hagrid’s dragon. involves driving a mine cart to gather coins in Gringotts Bank’s mines, then using those coins to win mini-games in three different stores to earn the ingredients.

Forbidden Forest

As a detention, undertake a side mission to locate a missing unicorn in the Forbidden Forest.

This level still requires you to collect red beans. Killing supernatural monsters and utilising previously learned spells to answer puzzles are both aspects of the game. When the unicorn is discovered, Hagrid gives Harry a flute that can put animals to sleep.

Defeating Voldemort

Prior to the boss battle with Voldemort, you must complete a number of tasks and boss battles (against the Devil’s Snare and knights) by using the spells you’ve learnt, your flute, and your flying abilities. Following this, the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin brings the game to a close.

Metal gear solid

Action-adventure stealth video game Metal Gear Solid was created and released in 1998 for the PlayStation by Konami. Players command Solid Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons installation, as they attempt to stop the terrorist threat presented by FOXHOUND, a rogue special forces organisation. In order to release captives and stop the terrorists from launching a nuclear bomb, Snake must act quickly.

GenreAction- adventure, stealth

About the game

The player controls Solid Snake, the game’s protagonist, through a nuclear weapons plant without drawing attention from adversaries. When Snake reaches an enemy’s field of view, a “alert mode” that draws enemies is triggered. Once “evasion mode” starts, the player must remain hidden until the counter reaches zero, at which point the game switches back to “infiltration mode,” when foes are not suspicious.

The player can employ strategies that make use of Snake’s skills and the surroundings to avoid detection. The player can see the position of surrounding foes as well as their field of vision thanks to an on-screen radar.

Along with the main plot, the game also features a VR training mode where players may practise their stealth abilities in a variety of artificially created surroundings.  There are ten stages in each of the three primary categories of this mode—practice, time assault, and pistol shooting. After clearing all 30 stages, a survival mission is unlocked that requires the player to sneak past 10 successive stages under a seven-minute time constraint.

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And there you have it, my gaming comrades! We’ve journeyed through the realms of nostalgia and rediscovered the unforgettable magic of the best PS1 games. The PlayStation 1 era produced gaming experiences that still retain a particular place in our hearts today, from nerve-wracking thrills to mind-bending puzzles.

Therefore, these enduring masterpieces are certain to give you hours of amusement and a flood of pleasant memories, whether you’re an experienced player wishing to revisit the good old days or an inquisitive beginner eager to explore gaming history. It’s time to relive the heyday of gaming, so dust up your old console or boot up your go-to emulator. Get ready to take on heroic journeys, defeat formidable opponents, and make lifelong memories. Game on with the best PS1 games.


Q1. What are the best PS1 games?

Ans. List of top 5 PS1 games
Gran Turismo
Final Fantasy VII
Tekken 3
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Metal gear solid

Q2. what are the series of tekken?

Ans. here’s the list- Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 7, Tekken 8

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